LinGOx Agents

Why Us?

Students’ Agencies Make Money Selling Our Unique, One of a Kind ESL Programs & Workshops to students: Learn English with Passion

LinGOx Academy welcomes educational agencies and student referral agents interested in bringing students to LinGOx Academy, Vancouver. LinGOx takes learning English out of the traditional classroom and uses advanced technology and the specialties of its ESL teachers to make the learning experience valuable. Our agents appreciate that. We offer generous commissions and rewards and work in partnership to offer our specialty programs. You can expand your business by helping students register for our courses: We offer a wide variety of specific classes and flexible schedules to meet the needs of students. We are committed to satisfying and exceeding the students’ expectations. We have already have signed partnerships with a number of local and International student agencies that are already marketing our Unique School. Become part of a successful organization and let’s make a difference by creating a better environment in the ESL World.

Please contact us by fax, telephone, mail or e-mail us at, you can also download the LinGOx Academy Brochure for Agents which includes contract, application forms, and details/schedules of Workshops and Programs.

Agents will get 22% commission every time a student signs up for LinGOx Programs & Workshops. Please download the brochure for details of program options.