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The LinGOx Concept: Unique! Captivating! Passionate!

LinGOx meets and fulfills the needs of busy executives and professionals by combining their desire to learn English with their passions and interests to make their language training unique.

Our academy uses a combination of both classroom and practical learning to help you master relevant words, expressions and lingo. Our classroom teaching is enhanced with a strong online component and advanced technology using tools like mp3-podcasts, video conferencing, webcasts, SMS,
e-learning, etc.

We combine this with practical English-based activities outside the classroom based on your interests and passions to further hone your language skills in a new, exciting, and memorable way.


Lingo is the set of words and expressions used by professionals in a specific field or specialty. Understanding the lingo of your profession or hobby will give you peer recognition and enrich your future English encounters.

LinGOx brings passion back to learning English by taking it out of the traditional classroom and using technology and the specialties and talents of its ESL teachers to make the learning experience valuable for its demanding and professional customers.

Whether you are interested in golf, sailing, or business, we have qualified instructors who will teach you English in the context of your choice in the beautiful setting of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Your language experience with us will thus be captivating and memorable.

Learning English with LinGOx is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons, gain valuable career experience, develop your communication skills, establish valuable relationships and open up countless new possibilities for business, leisure, and travel.

Our intensive programs are well-organized, challenging and designed for learners who wish to maximize their competitive position in job markets in the English-speaking world of business. We offer the most effective, up-to-date learning courses available and our qualified instructors help you build the skills you need to master the English language.

LinGOx invites you to join us and share your passion in the discovery and mastery of the English language.

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